Apr 01 2013

Easter Rail 4 todo app

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So, it is that time of the year when you have 4 free days, because it is Easter and at the same time Rails 4 and Ruby 2 got out recently and you have not touched Ruby and Rails in ages. As we all know, when the life throws at you new Ruby and new Rails you must make a lemonade or at least a hello world-ish todo app out of this (also it helps to refresh your lost rails-fu points).

The result of my efforts is on github and the application is demoed on heroku.

This time I was clever enough to write down all important steps and obstacles on my way, so I have a “lessons learned” section for future me (if future me is going to start a bigger project on Rails 4 any day).

I also had the chance to pick up on HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery 2 and Giphy API, which just boost indefinitely the awesomeness of the todo app. The only bad thing was that Giphy’s API seems very undergroundish, or at least I could not find any official documentation about it, so I just followed examples from other github repos.

One last thing – heroku deployment is still a serious pain in the arse1!!12 I MEAN IT!! The only positive thing out of this is that I learned how to git rebase –interactive and squash 14 heroku-should-work-now commits in one – I leveled up in git.



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