Aug 22 2009


Lucho @ 13:29

ScreenShootMe offers fast and easy way to share your screenshot on the web. No more Paint, Gimp or Photoshop-like editors or uploading the image to some third party image hosting services – now everything happens at the same time.

Press the Print Screen button and go to then press the Paste button and the image content will be displayed to you. After that you can edit the image and chose custom access key for it. At the end press Save button to upload the image on the server. In return you will receive access url for it.

The following requirements must be met in order to use this webtool correct:

  • HTML5 capable browser – Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome 5+, Opera 10.5+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5+

If your broswer does not support HTML5 or you just want to publish your screenshot instantly, then press Print Screen and go to: (it works with all browsers, but it still needs Java Runtime Environment).

The tool uses a small Java applet to obtain the clipboard data and then uploads it on the server.

Any comments and ideas are welcomed!

25 Responses to “ScreenShootMe”

  1. 'кономисЧе says:

    бр бр Лъчко, мн удобно 😀

  2. Димитър Узунов says:

    Ха, много яко.. има голяма вероятност да го ползвам когато се правя на “отдел софтуерна поддръжка” по скайп и телефона.

  3. SImon says:

    Hi do you have the source of the applet as I would like to use it in a web application.


  4. espi says:

    Hi, I would like to use your tool. And, it is working on a Mac. I tested it with Safari. Your tool is very good!!!!
    with best regards, espi

  5. Ensaios Noturnos » Blog Archive » Upload automático de imagem do clipboard! says:

    […] É verdade que se você usasse algo como o Writer, você teria a imagem automaticamente carregada no seu servidor. Mas o futuro são os softwares na Web. E eu venho falar de mais um aqui: ScreenShotMe […]

  6. Jeff Gold says:

    Dear Lucho,

    I would like to use your excellent applet to allow users of our nonprofit animal rescue website to upload photos simply by pasting them into their browser. Would you be able to compile a version of your software for use on our website? If so, what would you charge for this? Or, would you be willing to donate your code for this purpose? (It is all for a not-for-profit organization helping animals.)

    Best wishes,

    – Jeff

  7. Lucho says:

    Hi Jeff,

    The following sites contain articles and source files for similar to mine applet:

  8. George says:

    Hi there,

    Was wandering if you would sell the code.. I particularly like the crop and draw functionality

  9. Serge says:

    Hi Lucho,

    This is very powerful tool. We’ll be glad to implement / embed it on our site. Can we buy a licence from you (usage only, not resell)?


  10. Kayleigh says:

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