Dec 29 2012

Catch up with “the technologies”

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While I am waiting to get my Raspberry Pi and making plans what to do with it (probably a Raspbmc) I started promoting friends of mine about Some of them were familiar with it already or got really enthusiastic, others replied “I don’t see any practical use of it”. That is true, you can not find practical use of something you have not seen or played with yet. That is why you need to get one – to be able to find any application of it in your work or life. And if you can’t … well, may be then you should be allowed to say “I don’t see any practical use of it”.

I bought Arduino starter kit this summer and I did not make anything meaningful out of it. Instead of that, I actually made something funny and exciting (for me at least) out of it.

Well, the original idea was to build obstacle avoiding robot based on Arduino, but then the KTH semester started and I got overwhelmed with other less funny and exciting stuff. Never the less, I got my hands dirty with that board and now I know better what are the limitations and the features of it. And this is what matters.

By the way, in Swedish “semester” means “vacation”. I know, right.

I leave you with one awesome TED talk, which friend of mine shared with me. The key concept stated in it is – People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

If you see Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other piece of technology only as “what” and you are not passionate about it, then you are screwed. Sorry :P.

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